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Design, Direction, Production, Promotion.

Promote Mobile will work with you on a one on one basis to build your message into animations, animated video, live video and audio formats that will help you promote your messaging into local and national media markets.

We will take full advantage of all of the media and social media outlets suitable to make you and your message heard and recognized.

What is Promote Mobile?

Promote Mobile LLC is a small - rich media/super media - company specializing in keeping all aspects of your rich media design, production and promotional needs - in one place and on budget. TrickyPony Productions, and Dead Pilot Express Productions, are labels of Promote Mobile LLC.

Can Promote Mobile Help Me?

Promote Mobile will work with you on a one on one basis to build your message into formats that take full advantage of all of the media and social media outlets appropriate to make you and your message heard and recognized - by those you are trying to reach.

Why Promote Mobile?

* We're focused, minimalistic and strategically oriented while remaining stubbornly budget minded. We keep our costs as low as possible.
* We're always learning and always looking for advantages in technology, software, and equiment, not just showing off with the "latest and greatest" and the hype that's out there, but finding and using proven approaches that bring results.

* We're ready to listen to you about your needs, we are determined to hear you and help you, not to dazzle you with BS in order to sell you our packaged products.


We can design, sculpt and mold your message into concise, targeted segments combining print, audio, video and animation - Super Media.

Animated video has been proven to be a very effective and popular framework in which information can be presented. Live and animated characters can interact with other live and animated characters using graphs, charts and video to transmit your message very quickly and easily.


We will plan, equip and lay out the shoot and then direct the production of your content.

We can combine live video with animated charactors, animated graphics and animated backgrounds and put them in any location, local, national, or around the world without leaving our studio.


We will assemble your created content and then edit and produce it into high production value super media that is interesting, smart, easily understood and enjoyable to watch in any format to help leverage and improve your presence on all Social Media platforms and web sites.


Once your content is organized into an effective campaign, it will be optimized to fit your chosen outlets for distribution for optimum results.

Online content will be responsive- It will sound great and display properly on all screens whether it be on a phone, a tablet or on a PC. The website you are viewing was produced in house, using the latest Accelerated Mobile Pages Project Specs - AMP.

The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. The project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

We use many software titles to create our Super Media content. iClone 7 and Hitfilm Pro 2017 are just two of the Video Compositing and Video Editing, Animation Creation and Graphics Editors we rely on.

A music video, digitally created with special effects . Shot, recorded, and produced in our studio. Courtesy Dave Florine.

A live music event shot on location with multiple cameras directed and produced "in house". Courtesy The Murphy Brothers Band.

A trailer for an animated series, designed, developed and produced completely in house. Credit to Tom Leonhardt for writing and voicings.

In Studio Video

We have been producing high quality green screen video and stock video for nearly 20 years. This allows us to put you in any background from the exotic to the everyday scenes we know and easily recognized.

Digitally Created Video and Special Effects Video

If we get you in front of a well lit green screen, we can put you anywhere you'd like to go.

On Location Video

Anytime we need to come to you at your home or business, we have "small footprint" equipment kits that are perfect for what needs to be done.

Live Event Video

We will come into the most challenging or difficult venues indoors or out with high quality high definition video cameras and high quality sound recording equipment to capture your event and make it look and sound like an episode of Austin City Limits.

We will promote your finished content for you, and publish it on one of our portal websites, then post it to every social media platform you use and email it out to those that are looking for content like yours.

We will push your project out to every applicable platform after it is produced and created!

Our Mission

The mission of our company is the development and organization of informative content, and then the movement and the distribution of that information as it relates to our targeted audiences.

Our Promise

We will never knowingly transmit bad information, misinformation or any fraudulent materials in order to promote any cause or individual.

A Key Company Value

We will never knowingly violate or infringe on copyrighted materials, media or information. If it is found that we have inadvertently misused the property of others, we will immediately change or remove those properties from our documents or media in a transparent manner.

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